A Divine Revelation of the Glory of God

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Book Excerpts

  • Father’s Day!  God the Father chose to show His Glory in church service on Father’s Day!  Wow!  There must be some significance to this!  Well, there is!
  • Suddenly, W H O O O M !! Not a sound could be heard in the sanctuary.  Not even the proverbial deafening sounds of silence.  The walls around the platform and the ceiling over it lit up, glowing with clear bright “golden amber.”
  • Now, in a trance, I peered deep within Him.  Liquid swells of burning fire moved within itself as if to be slowly boiling likened to the liquid hot fire of molten steel or the slow rolling action of a candy’s soft boil stage.
  • A vaporous layer!  A mist of smoke formed a canopy!  It came forth from out of God’s fire, slowly transported through the air, coming directly above my head.
  • …there were no shadows!  His Light, His Glory was so overpowering, so consuming, it not only       did not create shadows, it drove any and all existing shadows from the sanctuary.
  • …when God’s Glory is present, not even a hint of darkness shall be found.
  • The Light of God permeated the elements so much so, even the molecules of air illuminated the glow of His Glory. 
  • As God’s Cloud of Glory continued slowly rising behind the choir, their physical bodies were transformed before my very eyes into spiritual bodies.

Book Summary

The Lord, Jesus Christ, knew Faith M. Shoemaker would soon be losing her job to a layoff.  Because she sought direction from God, the Lord-God placed a driving unction within her to attend a women’s meeting where she would receive a prophetic word on Sunday, June 20, 1992.  Under the anointing of the veil of God’s Holy Spirit, the Lord told her that He was going to give her a better job right there in the church.  Exactly one year later, Sunday, June 20, 1993, she witnessed a manifestation of the Glory of God in an “open vision” in the third heaven.  Faith M. Shoemaker then knew that this was to be a book “of” and “for” the Glory of God to all nations.

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God's Pillar of Cloud

[Ex 33:9/KJV] And it came to pass, as Moses entered into the tabernacle, the CLOUDY PILLAR descended, and stood at the door of the tabernacle, and the LORD talked with Moses.